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Gary Eugene Halsted was born October 3, 1940, the child of GARLAND PHELPS HALSTED and Margaret Weiland . He married May 27, 1961 Colona, IL to Carolyn Katherine Bogaert. They had three chidren.

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Gary Eugene Halsted Family

Children of Gary Eugene Halsted and Carolyn Katherine Bogaert

Teresa Marie Halsted B. June 19, 1962 Moline, IL M. 1.) November 18, 1978 Colona, IL to Jeffery Vernon Myer (Divorced January 14, 1992 )
2.) February 14, 1996 Kewanee, IL to Danny Lee Hulslander
Brenda Ann Halsted B. December 26, 1963 Moline, IL M. June 6, 1981 Coal Valley, IL to Jeffrey Thomas McCormick

Linda Margaret Halsted B. June 8, 1967 M. November 17, 1984 Moline, IL to Gary Alexander Price